Tim Mitchell


URTM is a somewhat miscellaneous evolving collection of MATLAB routines I have written that either could be used by more than one of my projects or are already in use across multiple projects. The routines in URTM range from simple one-task helper routines (such as things that are not available in a default MATLAB install but I seem to have a need for over and over again) to persistent objects that aid in accomplishing more complicated general-purpose tasks.

For a variety of reasons, URTM is not currently available as a separate complete download. Instead, each of my programs has the specific subset of URTM routines that it needs already bundled with it. As a result, there is no need to separately install URTM to run any of my programs.

Using URTM in other codes

You may make use of any of the URTM routines that come bundled with my programs in your own code, provided that you adhere to the terms of URTM's AGPL v3 license. For now, documentation and support for URTM is purely WYDIWYG: What You Download Is What You Get.

If you do make use of any routines from URTM, I'd very much appreciate knowing about it. Comments, feedback, and bug reports are also very welcome. Issues that negatively affect my other programs have the highest probability of being addressed.


If you publish work that uses any URTM routine, you must acknowledge its usage and you should also include the source, e.g. URTM routines X and Y from GRANSO v1.0.


URTM is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.